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About Dylan

Dylan has started trading in the Forex market since 2009.

In 2013, Dylan went full-time to pursue his trading career by becoming a chart analyst and an assistant trainer in a local Forex academy. Since then, Dylan has created over 1,000 trading analysis reports which aid him in building his own profitable trading system eventually

By 2016, Dylan started his own company to run his own traders coaching program to help others to trade better with his proven strategy.

In 2017, Dylan was invited overseas, mainly China, and took up different roles such as a Forex trainer, consultant and speaker, travelling over 50 cities in a span of 1 year.

Later on, he was scouted to participate in a trading competition held in Shanghai where he was selected to be one of the 18 competitors out of 4,000 participants. He came in second in the trading segment and 9th position overall (other skills such as analytics and debates).

Dylan headed over to Hong Kong to join an asset management company situated in Hong Kong Central to trade and manage high net worth clients’ funds as a senior trader.

After travelling around and gaining all these experiences, he decided to relaunch his coaching program while he was staying in Taiwan, at the same time attending and giving talks about the Forex market for brokerages.

Dylan aims to help as many people who are serious and passionate about becoming a profitable trader as possible through his carefully designed and customizable coaching program and imparting his S.T.R.E.A.M trading system.

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