Trade for Wealth, Time
and Freedom


Dylan took 3 years to do a lot of self-learning and attending numerous Forex courses to learn different trading strategies.

He began his trading journey in the Forex market in 2009 while he was still serving his national service.

Although he has lost a sum of money in trading, he realized his passion for trading and set his goal to become a successful Forex trader.

In 2013, Dylan quit his full-time job in the force and began his career in trading, working as a chart analyst in a Singapore-based Forex education company. After 3 years of experience in analysis and training,

Dylan left the company and that’s when D’ Lifestyle Trader was first officially set up.

Dylan took off the company in FX coaching in a unique approach, helping numerous traders upgrade their skills through a very closely guided coaching session rather than a one-off course.

In 2017, Dylan was invited over to China to become a speaker and trainer of an FX brokerage. He has travelled to many cities in China all the way from the south to the north, experiencing multiple different cultures and most importantly, learning how a brokerage runs its business.

In 2018, Dylan completed his role as a trading platform’s speaker and brought his focus back on FX trading which has always been the reason for his perseverance to keep going in the FX industry.

He became a senior trader for a Hong Kong-based asset management firm and the main focus – trade to make money. It was his unwavering passion that has brought him so far.

As of current, Dylan runs his own fund managing dealing with private clients and has recently relaunched his coaching program as he wanted to take this opportunity to fulfil his passion for coaching others in trading the Forex market profitably.