The Beginning

A photo by Rosan Harmens.

In 2009, I learnt about the existence of Forex from a colleague while I was still having a career in the army. I was 21 years old.

Just like anyone else, I read up a lot of Forex-related books, served the web for more information and finally opened a demo account to try out trading on my own. It was really fun and interesting and the more I trade, the more I got addicted to it.

Very soon, I started my live account to take on the challenge. I thought I was already able to trade quite decently on the demo account and I thought it seems to me that trading was not that hard after all. And then, I found myself bursting my live account within 2 months.

Step Outside

I am a believer of investing in my own education. I believe in learning from a master who has already achieved the success I want to achieve. I know that the best and fastest way to achieve success in trading is to invest both my time and money to learn from someone who has already achieved success in Forex trading.


After my first failure in trading by bursting my first live trading account in 2 months, I decided that it is time for me to take a step further. I exposed myself to the outside world and started attending many Forex seminars and workshops to learn from the best.

It was an eye opener back then and I really learn a thing or two more about Forex. And finally, one of the trainers caught my attention by performing some ‘magic’ trade.

Basically, he asked one audience to scroll the Forex chart backwards and stops at random. After that, he will press ‘F12’ on the keyboard and move the chart forward a candlestick at a time. Once he sees a trading opportunity, he will shout out his trading decision and states his take profit and stop loss levels. he did this repeatedly and all the trades he made were correct. Needless to say, I did not even think twice and signed up for his Forex course right away.

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