I was kind of back to the starting point, except that this time round with losses made, psychological damages incurred, but with more experiences and a better understanding of Forex trading.

Still remember how I was exposed to Forex? My colleague who has gone through the course with me (except that he only attended one of them) has already given up. So yes, I’m alone. There wasn’t really anyone I can share and discuss trading with.

I had to take a break from exploring other courses and look for the right trainer because I do not have any savings. All I could do is to test out whatever I have learned and try to figure out a way to make it work for myself.

Have you ever had the experience of fighting a battle on your own with no one around to encourage or support you? I believed all of you did and you know that is a long and agony process, sometimes to the point of mentally tormenting.

And honestly, either I am stubborn enough or just too dumb to face ‘reality’, most people would have given up at this point. I guess what kept me going on was my unwillingness to give up and I know that there are people who failed multiple times more than me to finally achieve the results they want. I knew from the beginning that the path I have taken is full of obstacles and really very few people make it to success in trading.

You know what? As long as you don’t give up, the door of opportunity will always open for you.

I was undergoing a training that will open the path for me to be promoted to a Warrant Officer. I was quite the high flyer in the force, but I guessed it was because of my high physical fitness (laugh).

And one fine day, someone just came to me and asked if I trade Forex because he probably saw that I am always looking at charts through my phone. He told me he knew a friend who is trading and asked if I am interested in meeting this person. That was the beginning of a whole new chapter…

A Coffee Session

I can’t remember if it’s in the afternoon or evening. I met up with this someone’s friend, let’s call him Jack, in the town to hear wat he has to say. Jack was the COO of this Forex education company called…let’s name it, ForexABC.

coffee session

The conversation went very well and I can feel that Jack was really looking into how he can help me to improve my trading result. He then invited me to his company’s seminar to find out more about them, and so I did.

So here I am at the seminar, very eager to find out just what do they have to offer and to see if this is really for me. It lasted about 3 hours and I have to say this was one of the best experience I had. There was nothing really about selling and the speaker, also the founder of ForexABC company (let’s call him Mark), did nothing to boast about his trading record. I felt everything was authentic and Mark has shared a lot in-depth into what trading Forex is all about.

My gut told me that this is it! This is exactly what I needed and I wanted to learn right away..but wait..I have no money left to spend on another course. Remember all the money I’ve lost and the fact that I’m just not cut out to save money?

What I did to get the money was nothing hard. I went to make a bank loan of $3,000. To be honest, it wasn’t an easy decision for most people to take a loan just to attend a course. But to me, this is a matter of changing my life. If all else fails, I will just have to work harder to pay back my loans.

Anyway, eventually I managed to attend Mark’s Forex course and that marks the beginning of a whole new phrase in my trading journey.

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