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learningThe first thing that I noticed which was significantly different from the previous course I attended was that the class size was about 3 times smaller. There are only around 10 students (I can’t remember very clearly).

Now, this is something very important when it comes to what kind of training and what kind of results you want to get out of it. The previous course I attended had up to 50 students. If you work out the trainer to students ratio, it does not create a good learning environment at all. Learning to trade is very personal and a lot of attention is needed to put into close guidance for someone to really get the hang of it, whether it is learning the basic or applying a new trading strategy.

One thing that Mark advocated was trading is very personal and everyone trades differently. There are a few kinds of traders such as swing trader, day trader, and position trader etc. Therefore it is important to build strong basic and foundation and learn a few different ways to trade in order to find out what kind of trader I am.

He also emphasized  a lot on risk management and having a trading plan. There are two ways you can trade the market. Either you ‘anyhow’ speculate based on gut feeling or you speculate with a plan. A trading plan means that you have identified what price to buy or sell, you have an idea which price to take profit or at which level you should make changes to your existing trade. And with risk management, you will not over exposed yourself to the market.

Mark’s course was the one that helped me to build a strong foundation of trading the Forex market that will finally allow me to adapt and react accordingly to market changes, so I can be independent and not having to rely on somebody else to improve my trading results.

Career Transition

It was not just trading that I got to learn or benefited from ForexABC. I was soon exposed to a new world – the world of doing business and constant personal growth.

In my younger days, I have already started to ponder upon what I want to do in the future. I know that an 8-5 job is not what I am looking for, but at that point of time, I also have no idea what to do.

When I signed up a career in the army, I began to get interested in doing a business. However, I do not have any idea what kind of business I want to do and I have no clue how to start one either.


In just one year after I have attended Mark’s course and join his team to venture into Forex business, I met many different people, I’ve learned so much about different types of businesses, I have my own networking group, I had the privilege to be part of a very significant event where I get to learn from one of the best financial guru, Jim Rogers, co-founder of Quantum Funds, and I learn so much of how to communicate with people so as to build a strong and long-lasting relationship that will help in both my personal growth and my business growth.

And then my first position came in at ForexABC when I’ve decided to break my contract/bond with the army to work full-time with the company in August 2013 – Chart Analyst. That’s the beginning of a transition in my life.

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