Chief Chart Analyst, Workshop Speaker, Assistant Trainer


Since I became the chart analyst for ForexABC, I started to create trading analysis report on the Forex market as a support to all their existing students on a daily basis.

During a trading competition in October 2013 which was held overseas for one full trading week, I emerged as the top trader with a total return of more than 30% and I also lead my trading team to win the top trading team. The whole program was fun and enriching where I get to lead a team to discuss our analysis and trading plan every morning and I have plenty of opportunities to teach and share my knowledge with a group of traders.

From 2014 to 2015, I was doing a lot more than just analysis report. I was taking up more and more roles and responsibilities within the company. I had the opportunity to conduct their live trading session where I analyze and plot the chart on the spot so students get to observe and refine their trading skills. We also talk about market fundamentals to understand how the market is likely to develop so everyone has an idea which direction to trade along. I had also become an introductory speaker for the company’s Forex workshop and there was once I got the first-hand experience in conducting the full workshop as the main speaker.

I was also taking up leadership roles in an external business networking organization where I had the opportunity to exercise my leadership as the Vice President to lead a group of business owners and salesperson to get more businesses for each other. The biggest achievement I had from this experience was that I managed to lead the team to grow the networking group from 13 members to 27 members in just 4 months, from October 2015 to early February 2016.

I was eventually promoted to the Chief Chart Analyst of ForexABC. By then, I had become the core and face of the company and I later realize I was already running it like my own business.

I also had the privilege to observe how Mark conducts his Forex course over and over again and since late 2015, I had become his assistant trainer to assist him in giving training on some of the modules, and by the 2nd quarter of 2016, I was conducting 80% of the whole course, except for the first two modules which Mark wants to conduct himself to fulfill his desire to teach.

There were so many opportunities and experiences for me to grow as an entrepreneur-to-be. Of course, there were also a lot of hardships to overcome but all these had made me a better and stronger person in both my personal life and business.

Misalignment and Clarity

In all honesty, I really had the intention to do my best to build and grow ForexABC to another level while aligning myself with the company’s vision and mission.

I always love the company’s mission because it synchronized with what I eventually grew passionate about – to empower other people with the ability to trade Forex independently and profitably. It started and has grown stronger since the day I had the opportunity to conduct live trading sessions for the existing students of ForexABC.

When I teach, not only does the students benefitted, I also get to solve different challenges in trading and learn from every one of them. There is nothing to be shame about learning from your own students. In fact, that’s the most beautiful thing about being a trainer because I improved the most when I teach. A good trader or trainer, or whatever it is that you are doing and want to be successful in it, will never stop learning and improve them.

However, something started to misalign which I believe it was somewhere in late 2015. I do not intend to share the details as I prefer to keep them confidential to protect the image of ForexABC and to avoid any misunderstanding or potential conflicts that may arise. To sum it up, I decided to leave the company and start-up  my own company to continue my purpose of helping others to trade the Forex market and create additional income for themselves.

I have been holding back and always choosing not to even think of starting up myself because there are certain hard truths that I do not want to face and I was not confident enough to run a training program all by myself. It was when I had enough people that kept telling me that I am good enough and there are people who saw that I can do much better by myself that I finally realized that I am more than good enough to do so. I had also figured out the exact values for those who are learning to trade Forex truly needed and what kind of support do they need exactly.

By the end of August 2016, I left ForexABC officially and started my own training firm. It took me close to a month to sort out my mind and be really firm with my decision because I know that I will never look back once the final decision has been made.

I have gained full clarity on my higher social moral purpose and I had aligned myself with these three belief systems. And if you are someone who is looking for someone to coach you in Forex trading, here’s what you need to know about me:

Belief System One – I believe that all kinds of education that are provided to help people to improve their life should be made as affordable as possible. The values that are provided in the training or coaching should be something that will help people to create the results that they truly wanted, not something that’s been imposed on people to make them think otherwise.

Belief System Two – The best and fastest way to become a successful and profitable Forex trader is to help other people to achieve the same. As I have experienced myself, the best way to learn and improve my trading ability is to teach and coach other people. And to go another level up, practice full transparency and show people my results timely. By doing so, I will be constantly reminded and challenged to make the best trading decision and follow through my trading plan strictly.

Belief System Three – If I can cause people around me to trade more profitably and become richer, how poor can I be? It sounded naive but if you really think about it, it makes perfect sense.

What I am trying to create here is a Traders Community to provide support that is both essential and effective towards their trading progress. To achieve that, the support provided must be both systematic and structural in order to provide traders with authentic feedbacks of their trading result and give them a clear and specific solution where they know exactly what are the steps to take so as to change, improve or refine their trading skills and practices.

I want to build a company that is value-driven and not profit-driven. I do not like the idea of charging a high or so-called market price to earn quick profits from my traders through trading courses. The beauty of being a Forex trader is that I have the ability to build my wealth purely from trading the Forex market. Other than my higher social moral purpose, I teach because I too needed a community to achieve higher success in my trading results.

Now, if you like what you are reading and what I am doing here so far, feel free to drop me a mail to and we can arrange a coffee session to discuss further.

I will share with you the layout of my trading program and how it can solve some of the challenges you are facing in Forex trading and you will be glad to know how affordable it can be. If not, it can always be a conversation between two traders to share our trading knowledge and compliment each other.