What is D’ Traders Coaching Program (DTCP)?

DTCP is a 4-weeks intensive coaching program to guide both new and experienced traders in understanding how to build and create a profitable trading system that works for themselves.

Why Sign Up for DTCP?

In this program, you will get to learn:

  1. How to choose the right symbol/currency pair to trade at the right timing.
  2. How to determine the direction to trade.
  3. How to identify the best price range to trade at the best price (Buy Low, Sell High)
  4. How to identify critical chart patterns to boost trading probability.
  5. How to manage your trading risk to avoid BIG losses too hard to recover.
  6. How to determine the tightest stop loss to trade a bigger position without compromising risk management.
  7. How to plan for the exit of your profitable trades (the money is never your’s until you take it off the table)
  8. How to cut losses so you can protect most of your profits and reduce your trading risk.
  9. How to create a trading plan based on point 1 to 8.
  10. How to execute your trading plan efficiently.
  11. How to modify your trading plan when the market structure changes.
  12. How to manage your trading capital in order to stay profitable consistently.
  13. How to, with all the points above, create a profitable trading system of your own.
  14. How does trading psychology affects the way you see the market and your actions in trading.
  15. How to maintain a positive trading mindset and turn trading into second nature.

What’s The Approach?

1) The duration of the coaching program is 4 weeks. One coaching session will be conducted every week and thus making up to a total of 4 coaching sessions.

2) Every coaching session is customized based on your understanding of the financial market and your progression in trading.

3) The main goal is to help you to clear the misconceptions that 90% of the retail traders have about the financial market and to understand how the financial market really works by seeing beyond just the chart, and finally, redesign your own trading system to start making a profit from the market.

4) I will be teaching you the exact trading strategies and systems that have made me a 100% return twice, once in 2 months and another in 3 months.

5) You will learn how to only make trading decisions by identifying the best entry price to maximize your returns and minimize your risk without having to worry about whether the trade will go right or wrong.

6) The coaching is not done only during the session but throughout the trading days as well. You will have the privilege to keep posting me any question you have during your trading practices which is the best way to absorb and truly understand those little doubts and misconceptions you might have.

7) Please note that my coaching session is NOT about teaching a few ‘proven’ strategies and getting rich quick. My coaching is very practical and experiential as I strongly believe that the best way to learn is by doing it over and over. Please don’t take up my coaching program if you are not able/willing to commit your time and effort to practice trading OR you just want to get rich quick.

8) My philosophy in coaching is to make education affordable while providing as much value as I can to those who are truly serious and passionate in becoming a profitable trader in the long run.

If you’re interested in this program, you may drop us an email at, or just simply fill up the contact form below (make sure to let us know what is your purpose under the ‘your message’ area).